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CNAM (Caller Name) Lookup: What is it?


Parents frequently install apps on their kids’ phones to track where they are at all times.Looking up the phone’s CNAM is one of the best and most widely used ways to find someone’s location, no matter why you need to.

CNAM:What Does It Mean?

To accurately identify the caller, telephone networks in the United States use a feature called CNAM, which stands for Caller Name. When a caller’s name and phone number appear on your Caller ID, CNAM technology is used to present this information.

Caller ID typically only shows the caller’s ten-digit phone number, but CNAM can show up to 15 characters that are connected to the number. You may include the name of the number’s owner and their home cities and states in this data.

How Does CNAM Function?

Telecom service providers use a variety of carrier databases located all over the nation to store CNAM data. A carrier performs a “CNAM Dip” any time they receive a call and information appears on their screen.

This dip will send the information along with the call and look up the name connected to the calling number. However, the software you can use to block CNAM and prevent the display of the name and number has been created.

You won’t recognize the call, and you won’t be able to find out more about its origins if the phone number uses a CNAM blocker. This is a strategy that spammers and robocallers use frequently. Even though you might not be able to identify the caller, you can block them by using specific apps and software.

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How Can CNAM Determine A Phone’s Location?

Telecommunications companies keep pertinent information about a phone number in their database unless they purposefully block it. As phone accounts and numbers are continuously opened, closed, and modified, these private databases are updated and maintained with information.

The phone number, GPS information, and SIM cards are all recorded in the database. This is how CNAM can determine the phone’s current location. The fact that CNAM rates phone numbers for spam are an additional advantage.

When a call is placed from a number flagged as “spam,” a message will appear on the display screen.

How Can You Find a Phone in Other Places?

If you know the ten-digit phone number, you can use a CNAM lookup tool to find out information about the number.

Along with the other details mentioned above, you should also include the caller’s location. You can use many other methods in addition to this one to determine the precise location of a phone.

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There is an app and a website called Whitepages. The software will search the phone number you enter and return any results that are pertinent to it. Depending on the number, this information may include the name, age, address, relatives, scam score, and even the person’s criminal history.

This option will give you useful information, but it needs to find out where a number is.

Applications FOR MY DEVICE

Some apps can assist you in locating your phone, whether you have an Android or an iPhone. The app is called “Find my Device” for Android users and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

You should already have the “Find my iPhone” app installed on your phone if you use an iPhone. You would have to make the option in iCloud available. Both of these apps can reveal the precise location of the phone right now as well as the various tasks being carried out on it.

The app locks the phone and prevents access if it is misplaced or stolen. If desired, you could remotely delete the data.

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Most social media apps have a search bar on their website or in their app. It can relay the accounts connected to the person who owns that number by entering the phone number into the search box. Following that, you’d have access to their account and be able to see their most recent updates and activities.

This will only function if the user has a public account or is already one of your friends or followers. If someone has recently posted something, you might find out where they are right now, but if not, you won’t be able to tell.


Every cell phone has an IMEI for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity. The IMEI number is a 15-digit number that will reveal various details about the device’s manufacturer.

You can either select the “about” tap in your phone’s settings or dial *#06# to find the IMEI of the phone. If you know a device’s IMEI number, you can use several apps and trackers to find it exactly.

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Applications for spy tracking

There are many options for spy tracking apps available, but almost all of them require the phone to be downloaded first. Some of the more well-liked options include Spyera, PanSpy, and Spyic.

After purchasing a service online and obtaining an app license, you would download the app onto the phone you want to track. If GPS isn’t enabled, the software can still track the phone’s precise location using mobile data or Wi-Fi.

These apps can track various data in addition to location, including call logs, texts, and keyword alerts.


Even though finding a phone’s location can be a little challenging, it’s not impossible. The most effective methods involve using various programs or applications that triangulate data from GPS and cell phone towers.

However, you may need to look up their CNAM information if you are attempting to locate a phone to which you do not have access. You can’t locate the phone or identify the caller if the CNAM information is purposefully blocked.

These CNAM blockers are a common technique used by robocalls and spam callers, but they can be stopped. Spammers, however, quickly devise workarounds for blocking. You have complete control over who can call through with apps like Firewall. By enabling you to create a caller allowlist, these apps ensure you know who is calling and why. For more information on easily preventing robocalls and spam calls, click the link right now and go to Firewall.

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