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What Is the NativeDropBoxAgent App?


A pre-installed Android security log agent app called Nativedropboxagent is an unwanted program that could harm your phone in several ways. Many users are not well aware of the Native Dropbox Agent, which is how the app works with backend operations. The app’s issues are well-known and annoying even if they don’t use it.

Every Android comes with this app pre-loaded, so if you experience any issues, they will be fixed here. The native Dropbox agent on your device is not connected to or endorsed by the Dropbox cloud storage service.

What Is the Nativedropboxagent Android app?

It is a useful official app, but it can also cause some serious problems for your Android. The Native DropBox Agent apps and DropBox apps have distinct differences.

Both are beneficial in their own ways, but Dropbox offers more features for interacting with other apps. Additionally, you can share your important documents.. While native Dropbox agents can skew the other apps on your Android device. Users who learn how to use this app properly will find it useful.

Issues come With Native Dropbox Agent.

The NativeDropBoxAgent app’s malicious features can gradually harm your Android. Check out what the app does to your phone right now.

  1. It affects the ability of smartphones to charge.
  2. Utilizes pointless data.
  3. Increases Internet usage.
  4. Automatic Device Shutdown
  5. Reduced functionality of other Android apps

Always keep an eye on changes that occur to your Android and use a trustworthy antivirus rather than a premium one. The app creates a lot of issues that are not well-known to us.

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Features of Dropbox

Your Android phone can keep your data organized thanks to Dropbox’s many advantageous features. It automatically synchronizes documents from various channels and makes it simple to access the same data simultaneously on Android, laptops, and tablets.

Average users are unaware that the majority of cloud services are complicated and unintuitive. Dropbox fixed this issue by creating an app enabling users to create and save documents on Android devices securely.

Tab, and you can let the app handle them. Your files and documents can be easily accessed from any device with an Internet connection.

Every Android user has important files and documents on their phone, so sharing the files is necessary to connect with others like friends, family, and coworkers.

Every user simply wants it to be secure enough. With just one click, Dropbox allows you to choose multiple apps and send them simultaneously to various locations. Any platform can be used to share these files and documents, but ensure you have Internet access with you.

How To Stop NativeDropBoxAgent App

There are several ways to disable NativeDropBoxAgent and other applications. But here is a well-known and straightforward way to close the app. The rest of the data on your Android phone may be disturbed if any of the apps are forced to stop. There is a way to prevent this data harm in this situation.

Force Stop the APP

Android will alert you when you abruptly close an app, because doing so might prevent you from finishing important documents. However, even though this might be a minor problem, there are a few simple steps you can take to solve it:

  • Go to Settings and then click on App Management.
  • Find the NativeDropBoxAgent application.

Now that the process requires only a second to be forced to stop, you may realize how simple and easy it is.

How To Delete NativeDropBoxAgent App?

The NativeDropBoxAgent app, like the majority of other pre-installed apps, cannot be deleted from your Android device because it was pre-installed by the enterprise.

However, it is possible to disable the NativeDropBoxAgent. To do so, uninstall all updates first. Once that is done, follow the instructions to disable the native Dropbox agent app.

  • Open the settings on your Android device.
  • Choose Native DropBox Agent > Uninstall Updates from the Apps menu.

You can disable the app once the updates have been completely uninstalled. There are only three simple actions to take,

  • Go to the Settings
  • Select NativeDropBoxAgent App
  • Choose the Disable option.


The discussion above demonstrates that different Android apps like NativeDropBoxAgent have different effects on your device. Some files are helpful, while others could harm your data. Most of the time, average Android users don’t know how to use an app properly or how it works.


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