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What is Com Qualcomm qcrilmsgtunnel, and how to disable it?

Com Qualcomm qcrilmsgtunnel

Finding out the precise details about com Qualcomm qcrilmsgtunnel is complex, but an average Android user knows that it is an integral part of something significant.This is the rationale behind the Qualcomm.qcrilmsgtunnel app package background processing.

You can learn about the exclusivity of com.Qualcomm.qcrilmsgtunnel here. Why would you need to be aware of that? And how can the com Qualcomm Qcrilmsgtunnel that has silenced the troublesome message be fixed?

What is Qualcomm?

Qualcomm is an American manufacturer of software and semiconductors. The company creates software for various devices, including cars, Android phones, laptops, tablets, and Wi-Fi. It is necessary to have the Qualcomm chipset on your Android device in order to use Com Qualcomm Qcrilmsgtunnel. This package and others with the name com.Qualcomm.at fwd will be accessible.

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What Is Com Qualcomm qcrilmsgtunnel?

Because of how com Qualcomm qcrilmsg tunnel functions in the background, an Android app with proper working functionality is a crucial component of the phone dialer app for Qualcomm chipset devices, users are aware of this information and know that it relates to the ANT radio service and the RIL Radio Interface Layer.

You can see that the Com Qualcomm Qcrilmsg Tunnel Android package typically runs continuously in the background. On the majority of Android devices, it doesn’t cause any problems. However, if you still have an older Qualcomm-powered Android device, There may be a reason for your battery to drain, as no other app-related problem has ever been observed.

Suppose you have problems with your Android device’s battery draining. Fix it as soon as you can to instantly disable the fast dormancy apps if they were previously enabled. Fast dormancy apps are mobile features that are intended to decrease network utilization and battery consumption; if you don’t want to use them, it is advised not to enable them.

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Can I Uninstall com Qualcomm qcrilmsgtunnel?

The com Qualcomm qcrilmsg tunnel app is a component of the system Android apps; uninstalling or disabling it may cause your phone to malfunction. However, if an enterprise has rooted your phone, you can remove this package from your Android.

How do I resolve the error “com Qualcomm Qcrilmsg Tunnel has stopped”?

When they tap on the app drawer or reboot their Android phones, the issue experienced by many Android users. Here are some recommendations to correct this mistake because it can sometimes frustrate you.

1- Force Stop The App

The com Qualcomm qcrilmsg tunnel error will be resolved if your Android stops any errant third-party apps by force. Force-stopping the app only sometimes solves the issue; if you let the app run again, you might experience the same issue. These are starting points for resolving the problem;

  • Open your AndroidSettings and click on Apps.
  • Check all apps to find thecom.Qualcomm.qcrilmsgtunnelpackage.
  • Click on thecom Qualcomm qcrilmsgtunnelwhen found.
  • Finally, click on the “Force Stop”button.

2- Factory Reset Your Device

If the force stop option is ineffective or the com Qualcomm qcrilmsgtunnel has stopped, errors are displayed again; restart your Android device and verify that the issue has been resolved by restoring your factory settings first.

You’ll notice that the message “com.qualcomm.qcrilmsgtunnel has stopped” is no longer present. Take the necessary backups for your file and document storage because a factory reset will erase your phone’s storage.

3- Downloading a Third-Party Dialer App

You might notice that this Com Qualcomm Qcrillmsg Tunnel has stopped the message when you open the dialer app. Install the Google Android app on your device and set it as your default app.

Instead of using a third-party dialer app, try one of the many dialer apps available at the Google Play store. On your Android, you won’t see the error message once more.


The Com.Qualcomm.qcrilmsgtunnel app is a background-running service-based package app designed exclusively for the Android operating system. The Sim toolkit prevents app messing, and disabling the app may impact your Android’s overall performance.


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