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What is com.samsung.android.app.sharelive on your phone?


You may also discover a file on your phone with the name com.samsung.android.app.sharelive. Please read this article to learn what it is and whether it is safe.

We are all aware of Samsung’s efforts to create the best possible smartphone user experience. They are always making in-demand features that could vastly enhance the overall experience.

Every business’s main thing should be ensuring that the client is satisfied with the service. By adhering to this principle, Samsung made this feature available to all video callers worldwide.

This feature that Samsung developed in association with the Google Duo video calling app allows screen sharing during video calls.

If you search for “Google Duo” in the app store today, only Google Meet will appear in the search results because Google Duo and Google Meet have merged. Google has integrated both apps and added all Duo features to Google Meet.

Let’s learn more about this subject in detail so there will be a clear understanding of the article. We’ll talk about this file and discover its features.

What is com.samsung.android.app.sharelive on Samsung phones?

The package name for a function called “live sharing” is com.samsung.android.The “live sharing” function results from Samsung and Google Meet working together. Our smartphones’ package files contain this feature, which controls it.

This feature initially only accurately supported a few apps, including Samsung Gallery, Google Maps, YouTube, and Samsung Notes.

However, if we applied this to other apps, they would appear completely different. The feature displayed stretched video quality and needed to be better optimized for other apps. However, since all apps now have access to this feature, videos are unrestricted.

Use these steps to make use of this feature:

  • Launch the “Google Meet” app and begin a video call with a contact.
  • Three dots are now visible in the screen’s lower right corner.
  • There is a live sharing option when you tap on those three dots.
  • Select that choice, and then click “Start now.”

Some apps will be suggested when you tap the “live sharing” option on a Samsung device. If your desired app is included in that list, tap on it; if not, tap the “share now” opportunity to view additional apps.

Tap the button on the left and select “End screen sharing” to stop live sharing. However, if you are seeing someone else share their screen and want to control the screen recording, there is only one thing left for you to do: end the video call.

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Referred to by the term com.samsung.android.app.sharelive

Since we’ve written so many articles about these files, we can say from experience that a “used” file means the system uses the file or this app somewhere.

com.samsung.android.app.sharelive a malicious app?

This is not spyware, though.Since two industry titans created this file, spyware is not what it is. The main factor influencing these large corporations’ success in the industry is their consistently putting users’ privacy and data security first.

So, don’t worry about maintaining your privacy.

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How can com.samsung.android.app.sharelive be removed?

Because this file is a system file, it would be challenging to delete it from the system permanently.

Your only choice is to root your device, which is not a safe option if you truly want to delete the file to increase the performance of your device. At all costs, we won’t suggest this choice.

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By including users’ desired features, Samsung is constantly trying to make using its smartphones better.

Com.samsung.android.app.sharelive, one of these features, is essentially a partnership between Samsung and the Google Duo video calling app. Users can share their screens during video calls, enhancing the conversation and increasing productivity.

That concludes the article, which we hope you found to be worthwhile. Finally, we want to emphasize that you shouldn’t make significant decisions without sufficient knowledge of the subject because doing so could be risky for the security of your data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I delete com.samsung.android.app.sharelive?

This file is a system file, so permanently removing it from the system would be challenging. However, your only choice is to root it, which is not a safe option and is not advised if you want to remove it to increase the effectiveness of your device.

How to access Samsung App Sharelive?

By selecting the “live sharing” option in the Google Meet app, this feature is accessible on Samsung devices.What Is Com.samsung.android.forest?

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