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What is Com.Samsung.Android.App.Telephonyui?


You will see that com.Samsung.android.app.telephonyui is one of the apps in the Google Activity log if you use your Android device to make calls (like most of us do) and check it. What does it do to your Samsung device, and what is it? Is it safe to have it, or does having it indicate some risks?

Most of you might not understand, and you might mistake the com Samsung android app telephonyui and other related applications for bloatware or spyware because Android devices can have a lot of apps like com.samsung.android.app.dressroom. This article is your guide and explains everything you need to know about com.Samsung.Android.app.telephonyui.

What Is com.Samsung.android.app.telephonyui?

The caller or dialer app is called Com on the most recent Samsung devices.Samsung.Android.app.telephonyui. A newer version of the dialer app for Samsung devices was released on December 28 to provide better services. You can now take advantage of many features or carry out many commands on your Samsung device thanks to the com Samsung Android app telephonyui, as described below.

What features does the com Samsung Android app telephonyui have?

The com Samsung android app telephonyui gives you many privileges, and you can take advantage of many features as a result, just like with other advancements. For example,

  • When a call comes in, could you pick it up?
  • Instead of making a call, send a message.
  • Hang up the call
  • Turn the call into quiet mode by selecting the mute option.
  • As you call, access other applications.
  • Change the normal call to a Bluetooth, internet, or video call.
  • Call recording
  • Make a conference call by adding additional calls.

Although the com.Samsung.Android.app.telephonyui gives you access to various features, but they differ based on the model of your Samsung device. As a result, you might get features that other Samsung users don’t, and vice versa.

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It’s safe to use com.samsung.android.app.telephonyui.

Technology has given rise to various apps and features that people are exploring. However, there is a risk of data compromise. Many people unintentionally disclosed private information, while others lost money or had their information compromised. As a result, you might be concerned about the security of Samsung apps, such as the com Samsung Android app telephonyui.

Knowing that the com.samsung.android.app.telephonyui is safe and that you do not need to worry may be reassuring. Your personal information is kept secure by Samsung Corporation, and it is not disclosed. Furthermore, it is not spyware, so you can be sure it won’t release your information to a third party.

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Is the app bloatware?

You might be wondering if the TelephonyUI app for Samsung is bloatware. These apps take up unnecessary space on your device, even though they are unnecessary. Since they frequently operate in the background and contribute to battery drain.

Com.Samsung.Android.app.telephonyUI is bloatware? No, on the contrary, your phone requires it to perform any of the abovementioned tasks, let alone allow you to place a call. Additionally, the com Samsung Android app telephonyui only uses the space that the system gives it, not more.

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How do I disable the Com.Samsung.Android.app.telephonyUI?

You might want to delete or disable the com Samsung android app telephonyui if you don’t use it to make calls. It is important to note that you cannot disable it because it comes pre-installed, similar to the Galaxyfinder app for Samsung Android. You can only force it to stop.

Follow these steps to forcibly terminate the com.samsung.android.app.telephonyui:

  • Visit the primary menu.
  • On the Settings App, click.
  • Find every app on your Samsung device, perhaps by selecting the ‘App Management’ option, depending on its model.
  • Find the phone app.
  • Click Force Stop.

The com Samsung android app telephonyui will not allow you to place or receive calls. The good news is that this is a temporary command you can activate by using the same steps as before and clicking the Activate button.

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How t Fix com Samsung android app telephonyui?

Clearing cache

If the phone app on your Samsung device keeps hanging, you may want to clear the Samsung Android app telephonyUI cache. Every time you use an app, it stores small files in its memory, referred to as cached files. As the files accumulate over time, the device could hang. If this occurs, delete the file from the cache by;

  • Select Settings.
  • Depending on your Samsung model, navigate to Apps & Notifications or App Management.
  • Select “Clear Cache”


Com.Samsung.Android.App.Telephonyui is a caller or dialer app for Samsung devices that allows users to take advantage of many features, such as picking up calls, sending messages, and changing calls to other applications. Com.Samsung.Android.app.telephonyui is safe, has no spyware, and is not bloatware. Deleting or disabling the com Samsung Android app telephonyui can be done by forcibly terminating it, clearing the cache, and clicking Force Stop.

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