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What Is Google Partner Setup App?

What Is Google Partner Setup App?

The Android app for Google Partner Setup enables you to use various applications, particularly Google products. The App’s package name is com.google.android.partnership, an Android application.

It is beneficial in various ways, such as helping you correct spelling and grammar errors when you are writing. This is where you can find a writing assistant.

The APK is part of a particular program that can’t be downloaded. On your device, it is automatically installed.

What is Google Partner Setup App on your phone?

An Android app called Google.partner.setup allows different apps to be compatible. It makes Google products compatible with one another.

Many Google products, including Google Translate, Google Keyboard, Google Meet, etc., use this application to facilitate user work.

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Should I turn off Google Partner Setup?

Turning off this Android app is unnecessary because it helps connect Google apps to other apps. If it comes with specific hardware, it might be possible.

The Google Partner Setup cannot uninstall because it is too difficult or impossible. But if you do it, your phone might have issues.

Can Google.Partner.Setup be re-enabled?

Although disabling the Google Partner Setup is not required, there is a way to reinstall it if it is. The steps are listed below;

  • Visit setting
  • Tap the “show all applications/show all tabs” button after launching the application. Depending on the Android, the choices may vary.
  • Press the hidden app button if the Google Partner Setup doesn’t appear.
  • Next, select Google Partner Setup and turn it on.

How do I fix the Error: Unfortunately, Google Partner Setup Has Stopped?

The same issue affects a large number of users. On your Android phone, Google Partner Setup has sadly stopped. That is a mistake. This issue may frustrate you and interfere with your work.

If the issue continues, the App’s functionality might compromis. You won’t be able to access your work because of this error, which will worry you. But every problem has a fix. Remove the error by following the steps below.

First Method:Clear Data and Cache Memory

Any app error, such as the Google carrier service has stopped, can be resolved by clearing your data and cache memory in the Google Partner App. What happens when you once clear the cache and data for the App?

Formatting improves app performance while lengthening the time it takes for the system to reload. All unused and unrelated files deleted during the deletion process. The steps for deleting and clearing the Android Cache and Data are as follows:

  • Open the application setup on your device.
  • Visit the app management option in the following step.
  • You’ll all then install apps on your devices after that.
  • Then click Google Partner Setup when it appears.
  • There will be two options: clearData or the cache.Take one out.

After completing all these steps, you will be prompted to restart your Android to resolve this issue. Start your system again.

The process almost entirely removes all errors. However, if the issue persists after the process is complete, it must be a ROM problem.

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Second Method:Installing a stock Rom

The Google Partner Setup issue may occur on an Android phone with a modified operating system (ROM). When using a custom ROM, this issue can be resolved by installing the stock ROM on your smartphone.

Installing a stock ROM or a custom ROM on your device is entirely up to you. The instructions should access on the XDA Developer Forum. Since every device uses a different approach, run all relevant searches to find a solution.

Pay close attention to the discussion points. Installing ROM without understanding and carefully following the instructions is quite risky. If not, the Android app installation issue associated with the Google Partner Setup error may arise.

Your smartphone can reset to factory settings in another reliable way. visit the

  • adjusting menu
  • Click on backup and restore.
  • Always make a backup of all of your important data and files.

Third method: Factory Reset your Phone

It remains if clearing the cache memory, and data does not resolve the error. Then use the third strategy, factory resting. The only other option left to you is to factory reset your device.

Since the factory reset has complet, your phone returns to its condition before unboxing. When you complete this step, the error disappears. The data and necessary files on your Android device should back up.

Ensure your phone is charged at least 70% before going through all these steps. It must not turn off during the process, as doing so could result in further problems with your phone.

The Factory Reset procedure explain in detail in this guide.

  • Open the device’s settings.
  • Back up and start over.
  • then revert to factory settings
  • Reset the device to finish.
  • Delete all data from your device.

If a password requir, enter it now because the process of resetting will begin right away.

Restarting your Android will allow all processes to complete, correct any errors, and restore your phone to its previous state.

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Four Method: Turn off Google Services

Disabling Google Play Services is the final possible solution. Use this as a last resort because some apps may not function properly if you do this. To stop Google Play Services from working:

  • Locate Settings
  • Decide on Apps & Notifications.
  • Select See all apps.
  • Select Google Play Services by swiping down.
  • Select Disable.

Turn off the feature and restart your device to check if the problem has fixed.

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Can you remove the Com Google Android Partner Setup App?

After rooting the device, removing this com.google.android.partnersetup has been impossible.

However, to give it a shot, you must back up your data, images, contacts, and all other information to a secure location.

Restore an Android backup.

  • Answer the call from a customer recovery.
  • To view a thorough backup list, select the Restore button.
  • Picked the particular backup that created and used the stock, Rom.
  • Then decide which partition needs to restore.
  • Check each box containing an available list.
  • Swipe the bar once more to restore.
  • Restart your device after it has finished fishing.

You’ll be able to run stock ROM once more. It is also advised that you open the SuperSU app on your Android device and follow the directions provided by the software. After choosing Complete Unroot, restart your computer.

You still have one more option to relock your bootloader at this point. This is a different approach to device restoration. The gadget now totally ruined.

The bootloader is useful when you are about to send your phone in for a warranty issue; otherwise, you can omit this step.

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Flash Factory Image

Flashing a factory image is simple if you follow the step-by-step instructions. Because despite having a similar appearance, the two Android devices differ greatly. If you are still getting familiar with this setup, check the information online.

Before flashing a Factory Image, you should take the following actions.

The manufacturer’s software is required for this method if you use a Samsung or HTC Android smartphone. Then download the Fast boot tools and ADB setup.

The factory image for your device can then download and unzip for precise functionality.

The rooted phone can connect to a USB drive from here. Your device should then fast boot.

Restart your Android to complete the necessary steps and prepare it for proper operation. All issues will automatically resolve when you boot up the stock ROM. Your device can use once more with all of its features.


You can perform your work more conveniently if you take advantage of all the important points covered in this article’s discussion of the Google Partner Setup Android Application.

Because they are included with your device from the manufacturer, many manufacturing companies still need to release factory images. The reason these settings are related to the manufacturing authority is the same as the fact that you do not have the authority to completely or partially delete the App.

The Google Partner Setup app requires several devices to make these conceivable adjustments. However, businesses do not allow Android users free access to those devices. There is only one way to download and uninstall some third-party websites, but doing so could be challenging and dangerous for your Android.

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